Our Agenda

Be  cuisines

For all the food fanatics out there, traveling is  essential, if you want to taste everything the world has to offer. That is why we have rounded up the most resounding symphonies of flavor, the most colorful dishes and the tastiest bites. We Provide hygienic food Quality and fresh sea  fish’s  daily That provide Customer’s Satisfactions and Best Prices. We provide Wide range of various dishes related to sea food.Head  Masterchef and his team create simple seafood dishes with classic flavours using Rick’s recipes.

Great service

We provide a wide range of services guaranteed to satisfy needs of the most discerning guests. The hotel offers extensive services that includes Tours and traveling facility, Pick and drop and much more. We  Provide new tastes sea food and also Home Delivery within Limits.

Best cooks

Life happens in the kitchen. That’s our belief and we’re sticking to it. We love what we do and we won’t rest until you feel like you’re a part of our family. We Believe that Life really does happen in the kitchen. Our Chef’s have good expert in making all kinds of Sea Foods  so that customer is very happy with dishes tastes. To know more come and visit us!